Sermon Series

Apologetics - Caleb Logan
The Wonders of God - Ken Farr
The Book of James - Caleb Logan
Ecclesiastes Series - Cameron Cormier
Singing And Making Melody - Ian Jones
2nd Corinthians Series - Cameron Cormier
Obscure Examples in Scripture - Darrell Cormier
Holy Spirit - Trevor Teel
Calvinism - Cameron Cormier
Studies In Psalms Series - David Minson (with Carson Ezra)
1st Corinthians Series - Cameron Cormier
Epistles of John Series - David Minson
The Book Of Jude - Cameron Cormier
The Epistle to the Hebrews - David Minson (with Cameron Cormier)
The Holy Spirit - David Minson
Christian Duties - Cameron Cormier
Tree By The Water - David Locke
The Book Of Daniel - David Minson
God's Plan For The Family - Barry Ezra
The Life I Now Live - Darrell Cormier
Addicted To Christ Series - David Minson
Seven Churches of Asia - David Minson
Worshipping With Purpose - David Minson and Lee Adair
1st & 2nd Peter Sermon Series - Various Teachers
A Godly Marriage - Lee Adair
The Life Of David Study Series - David Locke
The Voice Of The Prophets Study Series - David Minson
Revelation Series - Jerry McCorkle